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YF Series Reverse-Acting Metal Rupture Discs


YF Series Reverse-Acting Metal Rupture Discs

YF Series Reverse-Acting Metal Rupture Discs

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Product overview:

Reverse acting rupture disc, with the convex on the high pressure side. According to Euler theorem, the pressure of the reverse acting slotted rupture disc is set by the slotted burst cap, and the seal plays a sealing role. As the pressure increases, the rupture disc will be flipped and the seal will be cut open to release pressure.

Technical features:

• Non-fragmention designed

• Operating ratios to 90% of the marked bursting pressure on disc tag

• Suitable for liquid, gas, or two-phase applications

• The marked bursting pressure on disc tag does not exceed the MAWP of equipment

• Withstands full vacuum without additional support

• Sizes from 25mm to 600mm

• Burst ratings from 0.15barg to 70barg

• Able to be combined with safety valve

• Attached 3-dimensional stainless steel tag is engraved with complete disc specifications

Fits Holder:

YJ holder

YJA holder

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