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Fully understand the importance and urgency of developing the safety industry
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(1) developing the safety industry is an important support for promoting safety and development

At present, the industrialization and urbanization, the fast development of our country, is in production safety accident, occupational disease prone, such as multiple special period, an urgent need to the sustained and healthy development of the security industry, to form a complete industrial system as soon as possible, improve production safety, disaster prevention and mitigation, and emergency rescue protection ability, meet the new need of safety and health and stability of whole society, the economic and social development is based on people's lives and property on the basis of effectively ensures safety and occupational health. Accelerating the development of the security industry is an important part of transforming the pattern of economic development, an important support for scientific and safe development, and an important measure to put people first and improve people's livelihood.

The security industry is a strategic industry supported by the state

The security industry is an industry based on meeting the major needs of security development such as ensuring the safety of people's lives and property, strengthening and innovating social management. It is related to the overall situation of scientific development, security and development, and of great strategic significance for safeguarding social stability and promoting healthy economic development. With the development of security idea thorough popular feeling gradually, in order to prevent and control accidents and reduce accident disaster and hazard of natural disasters, the government and the enterprise safety input will gradually increase, security industry demand special products and services will be further expanded, security industry wide space of market, growth potential is tremendous, will become a new economic growth point.

Enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency in fostering and developing the safety industry

During the eleventh five-year plan period, the state introduced a series of policies and measures to promote the development of safety. The application level of safety technology has been rapidly improved, and the market size of the safety industry has been gradually expanded. However, we should be soberly aware that due to the lack of systematic planning and guidance, the system of regulations and standards is not sound, the market development is not perfect, China's safety industry development is relatively slow, the overall market size is not large; Compared with developed countries, enterprises engaged in the security industry are small in scale, low in industrial concentration, and relatively backward in safety technology, equipment and service level. They cannot meet the needs of security activities and do not meet the new requirements of scientific and safe development, which restricts the sustainable and healthy development of China's economy and society. We must fully understand the significance of accelerating the cultivation and development of the security industry, further enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency, increase the intensity of work, the security industry as a strategic industry to accelerate the cultivation and development.

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